5 Home Improvement Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Listing

The prospect of moving to a new place, and just maybe making a profit from the sale of your old home can be an exciting one. There are a few things you want to consider before listing your home that will help bolster its curb appeal and buyability. Buyers look for very specific things when purchasing a home, so ensuring your home is well rounded and cared for is essential to a good sale. Here are some tips to consider before listing.

1. Does My Home Need New Doors Or Windows?

Is there a draft coming from one or more of your windows? How about your front door? When a homeowner purchases a new home, energy efficiency is definitely a priority. Who wants to buy a house that can’t hold heat?

If your windows have condensation, mold, or are damaged, you’ll want to replace them before you list your home. Good windows should be energy efficient, open and close easily, free of condensation or frost on them. Condensation creates the perfect environment for molds to grow, which creates many issues for your home.

Mold feeds on organic material such as wood and can cause structural issues within the windows or even the walls surrounding them. Not to mention that mold causes allergies and respiratory issues, and in very large quantities can be quite dangerous.

The same concept applies to your front door. If it is damaged or has condensation between the window panes, you’ll want to replace it. Take a good look at your front door as well. Is it damaged? Are there dents and dings in it? Does it open and close properly? The front door is the first thing potential buyers see and experience. You want to make a good impression with aesthetics and functionality.

2. Is My Basement Dry?

A waterproof basement has many advantages. It prevents mold and mildew, offers clean, dry storage space, and can even be turned into another bedroom or rec-room. If your basement is constantly wet, you’ll want to have it inspected to find the source of the water.

Condensation from dryer pipes and heating ducts can occur, but one of the most common problems with leaky basements is water buildup around the foundation. Take a look at your gutters. If they’re overflowing with dead leaves and plant material, or barely hanging onto the house, this could be a serious deal breaker for any potential buyers. A buyer doesn’t want to have to sink thousands of dollars into fixing a foundation when the gutters weren’t working in the first place (and neither do you). Always look up before you look down.

After you’ve determined the gutters’ integrity, it’s time to look at the foundation. Is it cracked? Is water seeping through cracks or crevices in the masonry? You might need to invest some money into waterproofing your basement if any of these apply to your basement. A dry basement is a selling point, period.

3. Are My Kitchen, Bathroom, and Appliances Up To Date?

Outdated tile and grout can be ugly and tacky, but outdated plumbing, electric, and appliances can be downright dangerous and costly. An outdated electrical system should be addressed as soon as possible, and outdated plumbing can cause water damage to floors and walls.

Appliances such as furnaces and hot water heaters should be updated as necessary, but not necessarily on a regular basis. As long as your furnace isn’t from 1920, and it works efficiently, you shouldn’t have any issues. Have a heating and cooling specialist take a look at your furnace and water tank.

Ask yourself these simple questions before listing your home:

  • Do my pipes leak?
  • Do the lights flicker?
  • Am I constantly blowing a fuse?
  • Does the furnace heat the entire house?
  • Does my water tank work properly?

4. Is The Yard Appealing?

A dilapidated yard can be a deal breaker in a home sale. Is there trash all over the yard? Unraked leaves or other organic material everywhere? Unkempt bushes and trees? A yard is a great selling point when it’s pleasing on the eyes.

If you’ve got a broken down fence, repair it. You can also plant a small garden or some flower pots to boost the overall appeal of the yard itself. Make sure the grass is well kept, and that all waste is removed and stored accordingly.

A small patio set with an umbrella can transform a mediocre backyard into a pleasant and relaxing place to be. Even a small fire pit can change the entire feel of your yard.

5. Do I Need To Do Some Painting?

Perhaps the structural integrity, plumbing, electric, and yard are all perfect and intact, but if your exterior paint is peeling off in large flakes, and the bedroom walls look dirty and scratched. It’s time to invest in some paint.

A home should be comfortable as well as functional. A simple coat of paint can go a long way in making a home feel more inviting. If your paint is peeling, it’s a good indicator that it’s past its lifespan and time to apply a new coat. Invest in some good paint and brushes, and choose colors that work well together to lend a warm feel to your home.

Don’t List Until You’re Ready

Listing a home for sale can be exciting, but it’s important to address the issues we’ve mentioned before listing to ensure a quick and painless sale. You don’t want your buyers pointing out something like a leaky basement, that’s sure to be a deal breaker. Invest a little time and money into some basic home improvement, and you’ll find it much easier to bargain with potential buyers.


6 DIY Home Maintenance Hacks Will Save Time and Money

Let’s face it, home maintenance can get expensive and be extremely time consuming. From having to completely replace flooring to paying extremely high utility bills each month, being home owner can be a serious hassle.

However, with these six do it yourself home maintenance hacks you can save time and money, allowing you to actually enjoy the hard work you have poured into making your home one of the most appealing properties on the block.

While normal home maintenance can be very expensive, using these hacks can allow you to keep valuable parts of your home, including expensive utilities, flooring and windows, for a long period of time without having to replace them every few years.

1. Drain Your Hot Water Heater

Home Maintenance

First and foremost, be sure to drain your hot water heater several times each year. Throughout the year, your hot water heater is likely to build up sediment that can cause it to not be as effective. When this occurs, the extra work your hot water heater has to go through leads to an increase in the amount of money you have to spend each month on utility costs.

By draining your hot water heater, however, you can ensure it works effectively and efficiently, keeping costs each month as low as possible. While there are certainly people who you can pay to drain your hot water heater, it is a task that you can do yourself fairly easily.

In order to drain your hot water heater, you are going to start by turning off the power or gas it is attached to. After this, turn off the cold water supply to your hot water heater and open the pressure relief valve. Then simply attach the garden hose to a spigot, turn the hose on and flush out the sediment.

2. Clean Walls Regularly

Another great do it yourself hack that will save time and money is cleaning your walls regularly. While many homeowners don’t forget to clean the walls regularly, most do not think to clean off the walls as well, which leads to the need to repaint the walls or spend a large majority of time during spring cleaning washing off debris that has built up over the course of the past year.

The best way to clean the walls off is to use a broom, dust mop or vacuum – ensuring that it is dry – and dusting off or vacuuming up any debris that is on the walls, regardless if it is visible or not.

For best practice, clean your walls once a week. If well maintained, it should only take an hour or so to do, and it can keep your house looking good, smelling great and the best part, you won’t have to spend money and time cleaning off and repainting dirty, stained walls.

3. Install Replacement Windows

Another great way to make your house look amazing while at the same time saving time and money is to find replacement windows, which help in multiple ways. One way that new replacement windows can help save you money is by keeping the energy bill down. With new windows that close tight, you don’t have to worry about unwanted outside air entering the house and triggering the HVAC system.

While installing replacement windows may require an upfront cost, it is likely to save you money in the long run due to the lowered utility payments. Additionally, your house is likely to look much better than before, especially when choosing windows that allow for natural light to shine through.

Replacement windows are almost always worth the initial cost, and it can help you save money while taking your home to that very next level aesthetically.

4. Caulk and Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

In order to really lower the utility cost each month, try caulking and weatherstripping the doors and windows, which keeps unwanted air out and allows for less of a need of heating and air. When combined with draining the hot water heater and installing replacement windows, you can definitely lower your payment on utilities significantly each month.

While caulking and weatherstripping may seem like a complicated process, there are various caulk and weatherstip kits available online and in stores that can walk you through a step by step process of exactly how to do so.

In the event you simply do not want to go through the hassle of caulking and weatherstripping all of the doors and windows of your home, you can always hire someone to do it, which is almost always an investment you will see a return on long term.

5. Repair Dents in Wood with a Hot Iron

Although it is admittedly a rather unusual task to perform, you can repair dents in wood with a hot iron, which can ultimately lengthen the lifespan of your wood floors and wooden furniture items.

While it seems like a complicated process, it is actually quite simple. If you have furniture that is dented – or perhaps more importantly wood flooring with dents – simply heat and massage the area with a hot iron, which, in most instances, at least improves the size of the dent. In many instances, the dent is all but eliminated completely.

Wood is expensive, and it is meant to look really good in homes. Be sure to take care of it and do all you can to get the most out of your wood floors and furniture, including repairing the dents with a hot iron.

6. Open Up The Windows in The Spring

Last but not least, be sure to open up the windows in the spring. The cold winter months usually lead to the windows having to stay shut at all times, leading to a buildup of moisture and cold air in the flooring.

By opening up the windows, you can expose the home to UV light, which can draw out moisture build up in the home and create an amazing feeling and natural scent throughout the home.


With these simple tips, you can save on the costs of keeping a home. If you have any tips or advice for simple DIY home hacks, share them in the section below.

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The Nevada Property Management Exam

In the aftermath of the 2008 real estate crash, more Americans than ever are living in homes that they rent. According to a Pew Research Center analysis of 2010 Census data, more than one-third of Americans are living in homes that they don’t own. Managing rental properties requires a great deal of specialized knowledge. This is one of the reasons why the state of Nevada requires most of its professional property managers to be licensed. If you’re interested in a career as a property manager, Key Property Management Las Vegas can help you prepare for licensure as a Nevada property manager.

Nevada Property Management Classes

In order to become a licensed property manager in the Silver State, you must hold a Nevada Real Estate license, you must complete 24 hours of property management-related coursework and you must pass the Nevada Property Management exam. There are exceptions to this requirement, however: On-site managers and managers who do not engage in leasing activities need not be licensed as official property managers.

Nevada requires prospective property managers to be physically present in the classroom during their management education. The class cannot be completed through online home study. Real estate management schools generally teach the course as three daylong classes that take place during a single week. Once you’ve completed the course, you should have the knowledge necessary to ensure you will pass the exam.

What Is the Nevada Property Management Exam?

The Nevada Property Management exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. Fifteen percent of these questions cover rental agreements, leases and other types of contracts while another 10 percent focus on bookkeeping and accounting activities. Questions about mandatory disclosure, a real estate broker’s fiduciary responsibilities and Nevada laws that are specific to property management each comprise 5 percent of the test.

The largest number of questions is devoted to landlord/tenant law. Twenty-five percent of the exam consists of questions about the obligations and rights of landlords and tenants under Nevada’s existing statutes, particularly as they pertain to issues like security deposits, cleaning fees and “extraordinary circumstances” like domestic violence and foreclosures. Issues surrounding risk management account for another 20 percent of the examination.

The Advantages of Using Natural Gas Generators

The administration today centers around their battle for a less expensive and safe wellspring of vitality. They are alert of the debasement of wellbeing quality in the meantime the nature of human life. The unreasonable contamination that may prompt a more difficult issue should be annihilated. Sooner or later, the utilization of diesel or gasoline ought to be diminish if not completely annihilated.

Eventually, specialists trust the utilization of natural gasoline is a less expensive method for utilizing vitality and in the meantime an inexhaustible one. Amid extreme power blackouts and power outages, it is urged to spare vitality even with the generators that we are utilizing. Gas generators are the most effective and more affordable type of sustainable power source. Contrasted and diesel and gasoline driven generators, natural gas generator is considered as the most proficient type of crisis control.

You may ask why the natural gasoline is the most proficient of all. Initially, the recover of the natural gas is like coal and gasoline it’s simply that the natural gas is transported from its fluid to its gaseous state using pipelines everywhere throughout the city.

This pipeline fills in as gas channels. At our present society express, the utilization of natural gas generators would massively increment since it is likewise the cleanest of all vitality sources. Natural gas, contrasted and other power suppliers, for example, oil, or gasoline, creates less unsafe components noticeable all around including carbon dioxide, nitrogen substance, sulfur, and other nursery gasses.

It additionally kills a foul scent not at all like gasoline-filled generators. On the off chance that you endeavor to recognize the distinction in the event that you utilize your electrical power and a natural-generator for example, you will detect the distinction of the utilization. The outcomes will demonstrate that natural gas is a less expensive vitality source to use with generators.

Don’t you realize that natural gasoline generator is 40% less expensive than gasoline and diesel-filled generator utilization? As a diagram, for family units and organizations that utilization natural gas, the vitality is inside reach, and it’s not important to buy additional fuel. Gas channels are set up, conveying maintainable fuel for generators. The natural gas for convenient utilize can be transported utilizing quality tanks for capacity.

Research is being made to build the natural gas creation towards a battle to reduce the general public’s reliance on power and oil to fuel generators. It is anticipated that as advances in innovation keeps on walking forward, new gadgets and better choices will be used to think of an answer for increment natural gas recovery.

Beyond any doubt natural gasoline additionally discharges poisons, yet it is negligible contrasted and the contaminations deliver by oil, gasoline and diesel. As we set up everything, the primary concern is the answer for the power blackouts we encounter today is searching for elective wellsprings of vitality. When it is discovered, we need to discover implies on the best way to give it a chance to advance for enormous utilization and use.

Why Laminate Flooring on the Stairs is the Best Solution

Do you feel it is time for a change, for a total floor renovation even on your stairs? Are you looking for the best alternative for your worn carpet? Laminate flooring on stairs tends to be popular and the most affordable solution of all options. Check over here why laminate stairs is a good idea.

–           Laminate flooring is easy to clean

Your staircase is a high traffic area and one of the major complaints of carpeted stairs is that the vacuum cleaner is not very helpful there. While carpet is a favourite place for mud and stains, properly installed laminate flooring on stairs does not have this issue, as it is easier to use a damp rag on dirty areas.

–           Laminate flooring is durable

With a high foot traffic all day long and even with sharp claws of your dog or a cat quality laminate flooring on stairs can successfully hold up to the damage. Besides, a damaged piece of laminate is very easy to repair or replace.

–          Laminate flooring on your stairs will look great

Appropriately installed laminate flooring is nearly indistinguishable from real wood as it actually resembles the natural wood. The laminate matches well with the overall effect you want for your staircase.

  • The price for laminate flooring is rather competitive

The laminate flooring of the best quality is about $7 per square foot. Besides, the quality of laminate has improved in recent years, so you can get exotic hardwood look at affordable price. It gives you the same good look of natural wood without having to pay the high price of natural woods.

–          Installation of laminate flooring on stairs is rather easy process

The simplicity of installation makes laminate floor renovation popular with DIY fans. However, installation of laminate flooring on stairs is a lot different and can be tedious and time consuming. So, a hired professional can do your project more quickly and efficiently.

Just remember if you have chosen laminate installation, check the pattern of your flooring as the laminate of any colour usually comes in five or six printed patterns.

As you see, laminate flooring on the stairs is the best option as it is inexpensive, easy to take care of and looks good for years. Only make sure you do not allow spilled liquids to stand on your updated flooring for a long period of time.