5 Home Improvement Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Listing

The prospect of moving to a new place, and just maybe making a profit from the sale of your old home can be an exciting one. There are a few things you want to consider before listing your home that will help bolster its curb appeal and buyability. Buyers look for very specific things when purchasing a home, so ensuring your home is well rounded and cared for is essential to a good sale. Here are some tips to consider before listing.

1. Does My Home Need New Doors Or Windows?

Is there a draft coming from one or more of your windows? How about your front door? When a homeowner purchases a new home, energy efficiency is definitely a priority. Who wants to buy a house that can’t hold heat?

If your windows have condensation, mold, or are damaged, you’ll want to replace them before you list your home. Good windows should be energy efficient, open and close easily, free of condensation or frost on them. Condensation creates the perfect environment for molds to grow, which creates many issues for your home.

Mold feeds on organic material such as wood and can cause structural issues within the windows or even the walls surrounding them. Not to mention that mold causes allergies and respiratory issues, and in very large quantities can be quite dangerous.

The same concept applies to your front door. If it is damaged or has condensation between the window panes, you’ll want to replace it. Take a good look at your front door as well. Is it damaged? Are there dents and dings in it? Does it open and close properly? The front door is the first thing potential buyers see and experience. You want to make a good impression with aesthetics and functionality.

2. Is My Basement Dry?

A waterproof basement has many advantages. It prevents mold and mildew, offers clean, dry storage space, and can even be turned into another bedroom or rec-room. If your basement is constantly wet, you’ll want to have it inspected to find the source of the water.

Condensation from dryer pipes and heating ducts can occur, but one of the most common problems with leaky basements is water buildup around the foundation. Take a look at your gutters. If they’re overflowing with dead leaves and plant material, or barely hanging onto the house, this could be a serious deal breaker for any potential buyers. A buyer doesn’t want to have to sink thousands of dollars into fixing a foundation when the gutters weren’t working in the first place (and neither do you). Always look up before you look down.

After you’ve determined the gutters’ integrity, it’s time to look at the foundation. Is it cracked? Is water seeping through cracks or crevices in the masonry? You might need to invest some money into waterproofing your basement if any of these apply to your basement. A dry basement is a selling point, period.

3. Are My Kitchen, Bathroom, and Appliances Up To Date?

Outdated tile and grout can be ugly and tacky, but outdated plumbing, electric, and appliances can be downright dangerous and costly. An outdated electrical system should be addressed as soon as possible, and outdated plumbing can cause water damage to floors and walls.

Appliances such as furnaces and hot water heaters should be updated as necessary, but not necessarily on a regular basis. As long as your furnace isn’t from 1920, and it works efficiently, you shouldn’t have any issues. Have a heating and cooling specialist take a look at your furnace and water tank.

Ask yourself these simple questions before listing your home:

  • Do my pipes leak?
  • Do the lights flicker?
  • Am I constantly blowing a fuse?
  • Does the furnace heat the entire house?
  • Does my water tank work properly?

4. Is The Yard Appealing?

A dilapidated yard can be a deal breaker in a home sale. Is there trash all over the yard? Unraked leaves or other organic material everywhere? Unkempt bushes and trees? A yard is a great selling point when it’s pleasing on the eyes.

If you’ve got a broken down fence, repair it. You can also plant a small garden or some flower pots to boost the overall appeal of the yard itself. Make sure the grass is well kept, and that all waste is removed and stored accordingly.

A small patio set with an umbrella can transform a mediocre backyard into a pleasant and relaxing place to be. Even a small fire pit can change the entire feel of your yard.

5. Do I Need To Do Some Painting?

Perhaps the structural integrity, plumbing, electric, and yard are all perfect and intact, but if your exterior paint is peeling off in large flakes, and the bedroom walls look dirty and scratched. It’s time to invest in some paint.

A home should be comfortable as well as functional. A simple coat of paint can go a long way in making a home feel more inviting. If your paint is peeling, it’s a good indicator that it’s past its lifespan and time to apply a new coat. Invest in some good paint and brushes, and choose colors that work well together to lend a warm feel to your home.

Don’t List Until You’re Ready

Listing a home for sale can be exciting, but it’s important to address the issues we’ve mentioned before listing to ensure a quick and painless sale. You don’t want your buyers pointing out something like a leaky basement, that’s sure to be a deal breaker. Invest a little time and money into some basic home improvement, and you’ll find it much easier to bargain with potential buyers.


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